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"The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands"
WHWF is a registered NPO Reg:147-339 and PBO Reg: 930051372 Dedicated to helping Wildlife in Need.
Urgent Appeal for Supplement Feed for the rhino orphans:

With the ongoing drought, the veld at the rhino orphanage has not been able to recover this season. This means that it is critically important to supply a specific Feed Supplement to ensure all the rhino babies stay as healthy as can be. Rhino Babies have very fragile intestines, and the feed mix cannot be changed. The bigger rhinos get a mixture of lucerne/teff and Game Cubes of a high quality.

The vet recommendation is to serve up 5 x 50kg bags of Game Pellets per day. One bag is R250 or USD25, and this means a daily serving is approximately USD125. Those cute round butts don't come cheap! We would like to help them through the worst of the drought, and therefore would like to supply as many bags of pellets as possible.

Please consider donating so that we can supply this life-saving food. 

Urgent Appeal for a medical device for The Rhino Orphans:

A critical piece of equipment required to accurately assess blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of sedated baby rhinos, is a Pulse Oximeter. The correct one, that works well in the field, is a Nonin 2500 Pulse Oximeter, retailing for about $1,200US ( including sensors). The sensor is inserted under the eyelid of the sleeping rhino, and continuously feeds crucial information about the vital signs of the patient, so that the carers can respond immediately in an emergency.


Help Needed for the Rhino Orphans left behind by Ruthless Poachers


We need your help to make sure that everything is done to care for these victims of poaching.

Your Donations at Work

Pictured below are one of our deliveries of medical equipment, food and general supplies, including thousands of syringes, oxygen tanks, special medications, water troughs, Game fencing, Shade netting, nutritional supplements, cleaning products and so many other items that are continually needed to help with the day to day operations of the orphanage.

South Africans may find it more convenient to EFT a donation at: 
First National Bank / Check Account
Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation
Account number - 62518554101
Branch Code - 250-655

Below is little Nandi. just one of the orphans we help so that eventually she can be released back into a safe haven in the Wild.

Help is needed for the treatment & welfare of orphaned Rhinos. Some of the items, equipment & general supplies needed listed below.


L-mesitran ointment

Scissors x2

Garden clippers (for cutting browse)

Denkavit calf milk

Protexin Brown rice

1ml syringes

Elastoplast 7,5cm

Softcrepe bandage 150mm

Gauze swabs

Flexus vet wrap 7,5cm

Leukoplast elastic 25mm

Acrisulph ointment

lnfra-red ighting & surge protection

Camera traps

Food thermometer

Linen for volunteers accommodation

Milton Disinfectant for sterilizing babies Milk bottles

Ringers: I.V. Drips for rhinos in need of critical care

Veterinary Tear gel to protect the rhino babies eyes


"Mission Wildlife Matters" Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery Supply Drop:

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation successfully delivered lots of items needed to help the precious wild babies and their caregivers!
Thank you to all the generous donors who made this project a success - we could not have done it without the public's generosity. 
The Ellie Babies got lots of special milk, Medical supplies, Blankets and more. The dedicated handlers received new uniforms, Rain gear, Boots, warm Jackets, Scarves & Gloves among lots of  other needed supplies. 

The wild babies and all the wonderful people who care for them deserve as much help as we can give.

 Anti-Poaching Camera Traps Needed to Keep our Lions Safe.

Unfortunately poaching Lions has become a major problem in the wild as well as in the Sanctuaries that care for these magnificent big Cats. 

Since CITES and the SA government have allowed the trade in Lion bones, these animals are being targeted by poachers who are illegally selling Lion parts on the black market.
WHWF has already supplied 3 of these Camera traps to one of the sanctuaries and has been successful in protecting the Lions but we need at least 4-5 more to be fully protected.

These Anti-Poaching cameras are infrared and completely silent. They pick up any movement around the Lions' camps, they then take pictures/video and immediately send them to five cell phones - enabling the Rangers to be there within minutes to stop the poachers from killing the Lions.

Each camera costs $380 U.S. and we would appreciate any help you can give towards these proven anti-poaching deterrents.

We will, as always, show you when they are purchased and installed.


"Mission: Wildlife Matters" for Ellies campaign.

There are only a handful of places left on the planet, where the welfare of Wildlife is of Paramount importance and WHWF made sure that help was provided.

One such place is an established Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary in Zimbabwe.
The heart-breaking reality is that some of the most traumatized little Ellies in the world now call this place home, and were happy to have been able to help.

The concept is to save and rehabilitate each wild baby one at a time, respecting the individual animal, and doing the utmost to make sure that they thrive, and can be re-wilded if at all possible.

It is heart-breaking work, but also the most rewarding whenever a traumatized or sick animal fully recovers and can live a free and happy life again.

Elephant Babies are so very fragile, even when not traumatized as most of the rescues here are. They often die soon after being rescued, like the tragedy that recently happened with little #Jabu at The Rhino Orphanage. Every rescued Elephant baby deserves the most dedicated attention and love so that they can have the best chance at survival. Around the clock care means that four carers are needed to look after each baby in shifts. They spend every minute of the day with them. The babies are never left on their own.
As always, it takes a village to make a legitimate wildlife sanctuary run smoothly.

Elephant babies need Special Milk Formula which cost about USD40 per tin; each baby elephant needs at least 30 tins per month. We want to be able to continue supplying formula, so that the carers can focus on rescuing the babies, instead of worrying about what to feed them, or how to fund the expensive, life-saving milk.

We have supplied Veterinary consumables, tools for yardwork, uniforms for staff, medicines for wounds on traumatized babies, syringes, gloves, cleaning and sterilizing products, to second-hand pantyhose to tie the blankets around the baby elephants, needles, the list is endless. Because it is challenging for this Sanctuary to have access to all of these items, we strive to make a real difference, and stock them up well. 

As always, we are committed to #EthicalConservation, and have made sure that these items directly reached the animals most in need. 

Help us to continue our important work by making a donation, no amount is too small.

South Africans may find it more convenient to EFT a donation at:
First National Bank / Check Account
Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation
Account number - 62518554101
Branch Code - 250-655
Ref: MWM

Help is needed for the treatment & welfare of orphaned Rhinos. Some of the items, equipment & general supplies needed listed below.

- High density foam mattresses for the treatment of larger Rhinos who have been rescued.

- Milton Disinfectant for sterilizing babies Milk bottles.
- Ringers: I.V. Drips for rhinos in need of critical care .
- Veterinary Tear gel to protect the rhino babies eyes.
- Basic Wound Care Kits (Kidney dishes, Suture kits & Forceps).

- Denkavit calf milk replacer: 25 kg per month
- Protexin premium or soluble: 1 bucket per week
- Calostrum Biomel-plus: 1 bucket per 2 weeks
- Oral electrolytes: to prepare 10 lts per day
- Antimicrobial spray for wounds: 1 can per month

- Virkon disinfectant: 1 bucket per 2 weeks
- Carmino+ sachets
- Omega oil
- Syringes: 1, 3, 5, 10, 50 ml

- lighting & surge protection
- Camera traps
- Food thermometer
- Linen for volunteers accommodation.

These are just a few of the items needed to help care for the Rhino orphans. They have already been through hell, so the least we can all do is to ensure they have a chance at a future.

You can donate via the donate button on the right of the page or via Bank transfer below.

First National Bank / Check Account
Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation
Account number - 62518554101
Branch Code - 250-655
Swift code for International - FIRNZAJJ 143

 What We Do!

Below are the brave Anti-Poaching Rangers we help supply with Uniforms and equipment to help protect our precious wildlife. Your help to keep them properly equipped is much appreciated.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation has to date supplied a significant portion of supplies to Rhino Orphanages in South Africa, including over 1000 Kilo's (2,200 lbs) of milk powder, specialized food and health supplies and critical care medical items as well as other desperately needed equipment such as shovels, spades, rakes and cleaning materials, Shade netting, Field fencing for the Wild Dogs, Anti-Poaching Ranger gear and camera traps to help protect the Lions in the Sanctuary - all required to keep the orphanages and sanctuary operational. 


Doing What We Say, and Showing What We Do!

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation below, assisting with treatment of Rhinos in the field

 We help Turn the Tragedy of Poaching into Hope for a better Future

***Update on Leila the Chained up Chimp***

First of all we want to thank all the people who donated to Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation who helped fund the rescue of Leila who has been kept chained up like prisoner at a park in Huambo Angola.

John Grobler has been working tirelessly to secure the release of Leila in Angola and as a result, the papers for her transport to Luanda have been completed and are ready to be picked up today.

A crate needed to be built for her transportation, but if not, John says he will make the Journey to Luanda with Leila sitting on his lap...

We are very hopeful that Leila will now be going to her new home where she will be free from her chains and not used as entertainment for the ignorant..

This video by John Grobler shows Leila's love for a pineapple that she has probably never tasted before this day.

Update: Leila has been rescued and moved to a safe facility in Luanda where she is being loved and cared for. When the correct permits and travel arrangements are taken care of, Leila will be taken to a dedicated sanctuary.

To help us with other projects like these that directly help wildlife on the ground, please consider making a small donation to WHWF.

URGENTLY NEEDED! Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Enclosures. 

Sometimes, our persecuted Wildlife gets lucky. It doesn't happen often, but it happens occasionally, when passionate people decide to pour their heart and soul into #EthicalConservation.
In Johannesburg, South Africa, our Wildlife just got lucky.

The team at the Jhb Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to treating and rehabilitating small to medium-sized urban wildlife.

A few weeks ago, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation did a surprise #SupplyDrop for them, stocking them up on veterinary medicines and consumables numbering hundreds of items, to the value of over R20 000. This was a great start, but we have to do more! All the animals here are treated at no charge, and the aim is always successful re-wilding and release. We have to put the animals first, be their voice, and give them the best chance at survival.

*Anything worth doing, is worth doing well*
A substantial number of the patients are raptors, and they need specialist care. In the pictures you can see a selection of the beautiful birds of prey who have been treated here.

***Urgently Needed right now is 3 x Rehabilitation Enclosures for these winged wonders. Having the proper enclosures aid rehabilitation and improves the survival rate of rescues.
The enclosures are made out of a steel framework with gate, diamond-mesh covered and completely enclosed in shade-netting to minimize trauma and external stimuli. They are 5m in length, and 2.4m wide, so that a pre-flight test can easily be accommodated.

We have sourced the manufacturers, and just need that magical ingredient - your support - to make these life-saving enclosures a reality.

The cost is R25 000 (1,800 USD) for all three enclosures. The injured Birds of Prey really need this. Every single cent will help towards being the wind beneath their wings, and will help set them up for that sweet flight of freedom.
As always we will keep you updated on progress, from the building to the delivery and installation of these critically needed rooms.
Please help by donating to Support #RaptorRehab and help us build this for them! You can also donate directly at:

We cannot do it without you.