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These poor little calves left behind when poachers kill their Mothers.

What most people don't realize is that of all the reported Rhino killed by poachers, there are so many Rhino calves that are left behind without their Mother. Fortunately, some are rescued - but so many die.

None of these losses are added to the Rhino poaching statistics each year, and makes the situation so much worse.

This little Boy's name is Bruiser and was rescued after his Mother was poached for her horn. The calf was only a few weeks old when he lost his Mother. He was one of the fortunate victims of this attack to be rescued by rangers. Bruiser is now in an animal sanctuary recovering from unspeakable psychological trauma. 

1,215 Rhino were poached in 1014. This number would be far higher if the unborn and calves that die as a result were also counted.

Spare a thought for the babies left behind...

A collection of photography and picture quotes created by Wild Heart that highlight African wildlife and our willingness to save its beauty. "We must be the voice of the voiceless"..



In 1975 there were an estimated 250,000 Lions on the continent of Africa. In 2014 the numbers of these gracefully majestic African lions, have plummeted down to an estimated 25,000 on the whole African continent, A loss of 225,000 in only 39 years.

The estimated 2,500 Lions that are left in the wild in South Africa does not include more than 8,000 Lions in captivity, being bred for the bullet or the arrow to satisfy the disgusting canned Lion hunting industry.

Also the destruction of their natural habitat is fast pushing them towards extinction. Where once upon a time, they roamed freely across the globe, today they are confined to few regions on the planet, mainly in parts of Africa.