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Department of Social Development/Republic of South Africa. Registration No.: 147-339 NPO

SARS Public Beneficiary Organization Registration No : 930051372 PBO

General Notice on Ethical Fundraising For Conservation.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation will not use funds that are donated by the Public to then be donated to another NPO where further costs would be incurred. We will only use your funds for direct payment to suppliers for items needed to help other organizations or individual projects that will directly help the specific wildlife at risk.  

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a non-political and multicultural registered Non-Profit Organization, that is dedicated to raising awareness on behalf of the Wild Animals of Africa that are being exploited by illegal trafficking, poaching and irresponsible, unethical over-hunting.

Although many animal species have been drastically reduced, we feel it is our duty as custodians over our wildlife to ensure they live on. 

Our Mission

We are committed to building solid conservation solutions through combining 'International-Awareness' Programs along with Educational campaigns aimed at reducing demand for wildlife products.

We will strive to build partnership with local communities, business and other organizations to enhance the effectiveness of awareness campaigns and helping to raise desperately needed funds for wildlife and its related projects.

Our current fundraising projects can be found atHow You Can Help