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Saving Rhino, one Orphan at a time - By Paul Oxton (Wild Heart)
At a Game Reserve in South Africa a female Rhino was ruthlessly killed by poachers leaving a female Rhino calf alone without her Mother.
The baby Rhino was taken to a Game Reserve’s sanctuary to save this little girls life and try to help her adapt to a new home.
A local dairy company called ‘Clover’ was kind enough to sponsor and donate as much milk as this baby needed, which turned out to be over 10 litres a day, hence her new name “Clover”.

Clover had to spend a lot of time in a boma that is designed to keep new arrivals separated and safe from other animals, but sadly Clover became so lonely, stressed and depressed that she developed ulcers in her stomach which could potentially be fatal to such a young Rhino calf.
The Game Reserve was very fortunate to have an extremely friendly male Cameroon mountain goat named “Goat” that was put together with Clover to see if the companionship of another animal would make a difference, hopefully to sooth this little orphan’s loneliness and help her heal from this traumatic ordeal.
They immediately became best friends and began to follow each other everywhere they went, playing and rolling around on the ground like they have known each other forever.
Clover is now a healthy and happy little Rhino calf with a really promising future in this Game Reserve and when a little older will be able to join a crash of several other Rhino and will live wild and free in the South African Bush, just the way it’s meant to be.

A very special thank you must go out to all the dedicated people who work tirelessly to help save these beautiful animals.  You are appreciated.
Photography by Wild Heart