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The yet unnamed twins were born to a 31-year-old elephant called Curve, so named forthe curve of one of her tusks.

The sex of the twins remains unconfirmed as Curve is not allowing anyone near her babies and is being given enough space so the twins can have a fighting chance of beating the mortality odds.

One of the most amazing things about these wonderful and loving giants is that when twin elephants are born, other elephants actually help the mother take care of them.


Scientific research suggests that there is less than a 1% chance of an elephant giving birth to twins so is an extremely rare occurrence.

The area where they live is a 7 200ha natural reserve and to date there have not been any victims of poaching.

The main reason for their success in protecting the wildlife from poachers is the amount of deterrent methods the reserve employs,this includes daily border patrols, and the use of aerial patrols.

Long live these miracle twins...

I have purposefully not disclosed the location of these animals regardless of being international news.